Many of our single seniors over 65 cannot afford food, housing, heat, and medicine – and often have to pick which of these essentials to cut.  

As your State Representative, I will:

  • support funding for food security (SNAP) and fuel assistance programs

  • support VA funding

  • support increased state funding to local senior centers

  • support community outreach programs

Education and School Safety

Rural districts like ours struggle because of the antiquated state formula used to allocate funding for our schools. The state has never fulfilled its promise of 100% reimbursement for transportation, and there are unfunded mandates that are part of the funding formula which should be spread across the Commonwealth, not borne by our small communities. I also believe there are common sense actions we must take to make our schools more safe.

As your State Representative, I will:

  • support revisiting the Chapter 70 state funding formula

  • push for the state to fulfill its promise of 100% reimbursement for regional school transportation

  • support funding for school safety training of all staff

  • support funding for mental health services

  • support funding for programs designed to help at-risk youth

Opioid Crisis

Evidence shows that the best way to end this crisis is to focus on prevention and to treat addiction as a chronic illness.   

As your State Representative, I will:

  • support legislation that would reduce opioid prescriptions by increasing accountability of  healthcare providers and drug companies

  • support legislation that would encourage alternative non-opioid therapies for pain management

  • support funding for after-school opportunities and youth centers


Addressing the catastrophic effects of climate change must be a priority.  

As your State Representative, I will:

  • support legislation to maintain and ensure a safe water supply

  • support wildlife management

  • support preserving open spaces

  • support common-sense incentives to curb pollutants

Women's Equality

Fewer than 25% of our legislators in Massachusetts are women. After centuries of fighting for our rights, we still have work to do to bridge the gender gap.  

As your State Representative, I will:

  • support equal pay for equal work

  • support family leave policies

  • support funding SNAP

  • support access to comprehensive women’s healthcare

Economic Opportunity

Our eleven towns have so much potential, individually and collectively. From eco-tourism, history and nature trails, micro-breweries and extreme sports, better high speed Internet access and old mill buildings ripe to becoming start up centers, there are wonderful opportunities in our region to expand economically. Working together, we can forge an exciting future for our towns while preserving our local beauty and identity.

As your State Representative, I will:

  • Support legislation and grants that help create jobs in ecotourism, agri-tourism, historical tourism, micro-breweries and subsidiary supporting businesses like B&B’s

  • Build on the incredible innovation that exists right here in our district, from Flexcon with its recent NASA contract, to Dienes, the world’s leading manufacturer of industrial cutting tools

  • Support the development of programs like Spencer’s PARP (Property Assessment and Reuse Plan) to rejuvenate our towns

  • Provide support for our towns which have applied as Opportunity Zones to rehabilitate and redevelop key properties.  (Brookfield, Spencer, and Ware)

  • Support our five Quabbin towns in their regional development plans

  • Work to build economic growth throughout the district with bipartisan partnerships

High-Speed Internet Access

Our towns have an aging population, in part because young people are leaving. Running a startup business is almost impossible in some parts of our district.  Economic growth is directly linked to Internet accessibility.

As your State Representative, I will:

  • support local efforts to bring high-speed Internet access to the more rural parts of our district

  • support net neutrality to keep the Internet accessible for all

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